Developing chatbots for retail and e-commerce

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Chatbots can be valuable tools for brands to sell their products or services online. Not only do bots cut back the waiting that is bound to happen with customer service teams, but implementing chatbots also means there is help available 24 hours a day and unlimited opportunities to complete purchases online. 

How you can benefit from chatbot implementation

Chatbots are beneficial for retail and e-commerce businesses in many ways, and can be used to do the following:

• Improve shopping experience by reducing waiting time;

• Retain and re-engage customers by sending customised messages and updates;

• Provide uninterrupted 24/7 support;

• Remind visitors about unfinished orders or carts abandonments;

• Provide answers to common questions about products, purchases or delivery;

• Reduce customer support expenses;

• Boost online sales;

• ...

Developing your e-commerce bot

Hubtype allows you to develop e-commerce and retail chatbots easily. By using the platform you will have access to all the tools you need to create and build chatbots that will enable your brand to expose its products and services while providing superior customer experience to its clients.

Among the features available in the platform you can find:

• Multichannel integrations to different platforms and social networks

• AI, NLP and deep learning features

• API integrations

• Real time analytics, insights and reporting

• Possibility for users to switch from chatbot to human agent

• Pre-made templates

The Hubtype platform has been designed to simply the process of developing an e-commerce chatbot for both individuals and companies. By registering on the platform, you can start creating your bot, integrate additional features, test its functioning and deploy it on a large scale.

Ressources to walk you through the chatbot creation process are available here and technical documentation about development is available in the following article.

If you are interested in developing your e-commerce chatbot solution and would like to discuss the details, schedule a consultation with our representative or start building your own chatbot for free in Hubtype.

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