Combining chabots and human agents

Chatbots continually impress us with their performance, but there will be times when they cannot provide a solution to the problem. The use of chatbots and human agents is the perfect hybrid. Hubtype makes a seamless transition between them when an inquiry surpasses a chatbot’s ability to help. This way, agents can address the more complicated situations and chatbots can easily satisfy the simple ones!

Bots Dashboard
Desk Dashboard

From the side of Hubtype users, managing conversations and shifts from bots to human agents is very easy and straightforward. Hubtype Desk and Hubtype Bots have been designed to work together for an optimal efficiency. Users can switch from one tool to another by simply changing tabs and have access to ongoing information of clients inquiries and messages.

In the other side, customers have the choice to talk to a bot or a human agent. Usually, conversations start with chatbots managing the flow and at any moment the client can choose to directly talk to a human agent by clicking on a button.

Example of a conversation with a chatbot

At that moment, the human agent can takeover the conversation from the Hubtype dashboard and handle customer requests. This hybrid model (chatbot + human agent) will assure you a better management of your customer experience and expectations because at all times it is your client that control the conversation, that choose between the different available possibilities and above all stay in the same channel!

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