How to create a Telegram chatbot

Create Telegram chatbot

With the high focus on speed and security of the Telegram platform, chatbots are very popular in this channel. They provide various services you might ask for, from games and news to customer support and product content. In addition, Telegram let users buy and pay things directly from chatbots in its messaging app. This offers plenty possibilities for chatbot builders, starting from regular uses to e-commerce practices.

By using the Hubtype platform you can create a Telegram chatbots with artificial intelligent integrations. Our tools will let you build, test, version control and hot deploy your bot in a seamless way providing the best experience to your customers. Following these 3 steps your will have your chatbot designed, integrated to Telegram and ready to use!

Step #1: Creating a new Telegram chatbot

Create your Hubtype account for free and login to access the dashboard. Once you are in the platform, select "create a bot" to start building your telegram chatbot.

Create a Telegram Chatbot
Create your Telegram Bot

Step #2: Building the chatbot

After creating a new bot, you can shape it according to your needs! To do this you can use our pre-made templates and simply modify the text content or change/add functionalities by modifying the code. In case you want to follow the second option, you have access to all the documentation you may need here. In the Hubtype Chatbot Editor, you will be able as well to directly test and interact with your chatbot.

Build Telegram Chatbot
Build your Telegram chatbot

Step #3: Integrating the chatbot to Telegram

Once you have built and tested your chatbot successfully, you can now integrate it to your Telegram account! Simply, click on "Publish" and "Connect a channel". Among the different integration options you have, select "Telegram".

Integrate Chatbot to Telegram
Publish your Telegram Bot

 Now, you only need to add your telegram Token and publish your bot by clicking on "add telegram account"!

Here you go! By following these 3 simple steps your chatbot will be fully integrated to Telegram! Remember that if you want to connect it to other channels such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter... simply select them after publishing your bot! In our platform you will also have the ability to intervene in the chatbot conversation whenever you want! For more information about this visit our previous article here. 🤖 

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