How to create a Twitter chatbot

Create twitter chatbot

Twitter allows companies to provide concise and to-the-minute updates for their customers. For these reasons many people lean on it for responses related to news, products and problems. Chatbots can be integrated into this channel which would provide an even wider range of benefits for customers. Not only would they be able to reach out for immediate assistance, a bot would guarantee that help is available at any time of day to address whatever customers may need. Attentiveness is key to high quality customer service!

With Hubtype you can build your chatbot and integrate it to various social media networks including Twitter! The process is simple and easy to do. Here are the different steps to do it!

Step #1: Creating a new Twitter chatbot

Create a Hubtype account for free and login into the dashboard. Once you access the platform, select "create a bot" to start building your twitter chatbot.

Create a twitter chatbot using hubtype
Create a new chatbot

Step #2: Building the chatbot

After creating a new chatbot you will access the Hubtype Chatbot Editor where you can start building and testing the conversation flow of your chatbot in the botSON language. In case you don't want to loose time coding, you will have the possibility to select pre-made templates! However, if you need to add specific features to your bot, access our documentation here to find all the information you will need.

Build a twitter chatbot using hubtype
Build your chatbot

Step #3: Integrating the chatbot to Twitter

If you have built and tested your chatbot successfully, you can now integrate it to Twitter! Click on "Publish" and "Connect a channel". Among the different integration options you have, select "Twitter".

Integrate Chatbot in Twitter
Add Twitter channel

From here, you only have to add your Twitter Consumer Key and Access Token, then click on "add twitter account"!
To get your Twitter Consumer Key and Access Token, log in into and create your application. In the Permissions tab of the dashboard select the "Read, Write and Access direct messages" option. You will then only have to access the Keys and Access Tokens tab, click on the "Regenerate Consumer Key" button to get your consumer key and "Regenerate My Access Token" to get your access token.

That's it! By following these 3 simple steps your chatbot will be fully integrated to Twitter! In case, you want to connect it to other channels as Facebook Messenger, Telegram... simply select them after publishing your bot! 🤖 

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