How To Create An Advanced AI Powered Chatbot

Create Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Automation is everywhere nowadays enabling users to accomplish a wide range of tasks easily. From answering basic queries to ordering pizza, buying clothes or booking a hotel, Chatbots can perform various functions to help business improve their productivity. Fuelled with AI, bots become more powerful and can handle any scenario of a conversation with ease.

The potential of these new technologies is enormous. Accenture research reveals that by 2035, AI will double economic growth rates in 12 developed countries and boost labor productivity by up to 40 percent.

Building an advanced AI powered chatbot with Hubtype is not as difficult as you think, so lets get started!

Step #1: Create a new chatbot

If you don't have a Hubtype account, create it for free and login into your dashboard. After accessing the dashboard, click on "Create a Bot" to start building your first AI chatbot!

Creating an AI powered Chatbot
Creating a new chatbot

Step #2: Build the chatbot or select a pre-made template

Hubtype gives you the flexibility to select a pre-made AI template or build a chatbot from scratch. Regardless of your choice, you will have access to all the necessary ressources and tools to make your bot development easy and complete. The platform offers a wide variety of easy-to-use features add “triggers” to build a powerful chatbot. For more details and information about the bot development process you can access our documentation to find all what you may need!

Build AI Chatbot
Building the chatbot

Step #3: Add AI integrations

Once you have built and developed your conversational flow, you can incorporate AI and Natural Language Understanding to your bot by integrating services like IBM Watson or Refer to this article for instructions regarding AI integrations.
AI integrations

Step #4: Publish the chatbot

Now that your bot is built, you can start the most exciting step: publishing it to your desired channels! Hubtype is messenger agnostic, meaning that it’s not designed specifically for a single messaging app, but rather it works with any messaging channel.

Connect chatbot to social channels
Publish the chatbot in your favorite channel

Here you go! Your bot is now live, ready to collect leads, offer information and help you grow your business! As you see it is very easy to create and build advanced AI powered chatbots with Hubtype!

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