How to create an Intercom chatbot

The Intercom platform has become popular nowadays for its web and in-app chat services. Its innovative approach to real-time messaging removes the constraint of chat sessions and let users interact with their clients in a flexible way. To improve customer experience, Intercom’s famous web chat service can now be enhanced with the use of chatbots. 

Our channel integrations with Intercom will allow you to build powerful chatbots and reach your customers in a better way. The integrated responses through bots will facilitate all the exchange of information between you and your client while automating the whole process. 

Follow these simple steps to create your own chatbot and integrate it easily to the Intercom platform!

Step #1: Create a new Telegram chatbot

Login into the Hubtype platform and select "create a bot". If you don't have an account, you can create it here for free. Once you have a new chatbot, name it and choose either to start with a pre-made template or build your bot from scratch.

Create an Intercom Chabot in Hubtype
Create your Intercom chatbot

Step #2: Build your chatbot

After creating a new chatbot in our platform, you can shape it according to your needs. Whether you have decided to build your bot from scratch or selected a pre-made template, the Hubtype Chatbot Editor will allow you to make the necessary changes in the code to customise your chatbot. Our tools will allow you to create powerful conversational flows that the user navigates by feeding in text or media. You have access to all the documentation here in case you need some help to add features or modify the bot.

Build Intercom Chatbot
Build your new chatbot

Step #3: Build your chatbot

If you have built and tested your chatbot successfully, you can now integrate it to Intercom following the steps bellow:

That's it, your chatbot is now completely functional! In case, you want to connect it to other channels as Facebook Messenger, Telegram... simply select them after publishing your bot! 🤖 

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