5 Innovative and Original Uses of Chatbots

29th OCT 2017
The use of chatbots has been rising incredibly throughout the past years. Nowadays, we can find bots in almost all social medias and their use differs greatly. The recent advances in AI and Bots have animated a global debate over the capabilities and future advantages that this technology can bring. In this list we have gathered some innovative and original uses of chatbots just for you!
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Hubtype DESK and Hubtype BOTS

30th SEP 2017
What if we tell you that bots and humans can collaborate to provide you the best customer relationships?

Chatbots can do great things but we know that they are not perfect. Inevitably, there will be situations in which they are not well adapted and where they fail to provide an accurate answer to customers. This can result in high frustration and dissatisfaction and more than ever, customers want to be treated with respect! It is expected that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.
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Whatsapp for businesses

8th AUG 2017
In order to help companies manage their customer service, Whatsapp will launch a new solution for businesses. This will allow companies connect with their customers easily and provide a professional platform to monitor all the communications in an official way.
WhatsApp Business will be free for small-to-medium sized businesses, with a paid version targeted at larger enterprises with "a global base of customers, like airlines, e-commerce sites, and banks".
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6 Messaging Trends To Follow!

24th AUG 2017
Messaging is no longer just back and forth text, it is growing into an all encompassing form of interaction. We can look at Facebook messenger today with its calling and bot capabilities, WeChat now with payment options, and communication from wearable apparel to see the advancements and today’s trends....
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Create an Intercom Chatbot

9th AUG 2017
Intercom is a popular webchat tool where businesses can engage their customers while they are browsing their website. It provides simple and convenient customer service availability. In-app messaging and fluidity on Intercom make the conversations seamless and unobtrusive. Its modern system helps create business-customer connections in a comfortable space. Intercom is flexible and may be used on desktop web, mobile web, or native apps...
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Introducing Twitter Integration for Bots and Desk

4th AUG 2017
Hubtype is pleased to announce it’s new integration with the Twitter. From now on you will be able to add your twitter account among the other existing channels on Hubtype and reply all the direct messages received either with chatbots or human agents. This is still a beta feature within the Twitter platform, so make sure you ask them to activate it here. Once they grant you access (it tipically takes 2 business days), you can integrate it easily into hubtype Bots or hubtype Desk as any other channel...
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5 Benefits of Chatbots

4th AUG 2017
The word bot is scary to some people. Those who enjoy the real life support agents fear a lack of quality service, bot’s abilities are underestimated, and the misconception that they are difficult to develop and deploy is a turn off, when in fact the benefits of chatbots make all those fears inconsequential! The following are 5 ways chatbots can help you and your company. Manageable customer service teams. Traditionally, customer service agents could attend to one person at a time, forcing businesses to grow their customer services teams with the company...
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Combining Chatbots and Human Agents: The Hybrid Approach

16 JUN 2017
Customers and companies alike have experienced customer service woes, but Hubtype provides the tools to overcome that. While you can easily develop a chatbot to fit the needs of your company, it is just that–a bot! There will be times where an inquiry is unable to be resolved by a bot and a human agent must intervene. Our hybrid approach using both the Hubtype BOTS and the Hubtype DESK opens up a realm of possibilities between client and company...
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Hubtype Partnering with Deloitte

28 MAY 2017
Hubtype is pleased to be partnering with Deloitte to aid in developing chatbots. Hubtype’s ability to quickly and cost effectively develop chatbots aimed at a client’s specific needs is beneficial to Deloitte’s diverse clientele. Deloitte is bringing us clients we typically do not network with and we are able to provide them with scalability in the growing effort to improve communication. Our tools provide the adaptability big companies and their wide range of clients desire in order to cater to different service inadequacies being experienced...
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Hubtype to announce partnership with IBM

3 MAY 2017
Over the last several months we’ve been working hard to expand our offerings of Artificial Intelligence services. IBM Watson standed out as one of the most solid and flexible solutions from the start, actually, the integration between Hubtype and Watson is now being used by thousands of customers of one of the largest banks in Europe. Today we’re proud to make public a recent partnership between Hubtype and IBM and the general availability of the IBM Watson integration with Hubtype Bots...
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Introducing Desk and Bots

19 APR 2017
Our mission at Hubtype is to improve the way brands and customers communicate, increasing customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs. We started building a ticketing tool so that our clients could attend their users through messaging apps. Chat channels top customer satisfaction ratios with 73% in contrast to 44% on voice channels. Also, the asynchronous nature of messaging allows agents to attend 5 to 7 users simultaneusly, dramatically incresing the efficiency of customer support teams...
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Hubtype at Y Combinator Startup School Founder's Track

1 APR 2017
We’re happy to announce that Hubtype has been selected to take part of this year’s Startup School founder’s track, by Y Combinator. This is the second edition of the popular Stanford MOOC, taught by Sam Altman plus an amazing set of guests including world-class entrepreneurs and investors like Paul Graham, Brian Chesky or Ben Horowitz. Roughly 2000 startups were accepted out of 50.000 applications, so we’re really grateful for the opportunity to be part of this amazing global community of entrepreneurs...
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Mobile World Congress 2017 Conclusions

6 MAR 2017
The presence of Hubtype at MWC 2017 has been a great success 🎉🎉🎉. We’ve confirmed that we are in the right space at the right moment. We’ve got new clients and a lot of potential leads to join us either as clients or partners. Our vision of having hybrid approach with chatbots and human agents makes total sense and for the majority of clients is a must. We definitely are going to assist next year again as the experience couldn’t be better...
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Hubtype at MWC 2017

21 FEB 2017
Hubtype will be attending this Mobile World Congress edition to share the lastest features of our products. We invite you to learn more about Hubtype and get involved with us in: Messaging space Chatbots AI We are looking for partners that are interested in reselling our products and integrating them with their clients if needed. If you’re heading to MWC come by our booth, we will be in 4YFN (Hall 8 at Fira Montjuïc - Stand G2...
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Introducing "Messaging Business Trends"

30 JAN 2017
Hi there! We’ve had a busy and exciting month at Hubtype, with awesome additions to the team, new functionalities, clients, and lessons learnt. Some of these to be announced soon :) And because sharing is loving, the aim of this post is to introduce Messaging Business Trends, a newsletter curated by the Hubtype’s team. The goal of the newsletter is keeping up with the messaging space regarding chatbots, NLP, APIs, market trends, and anything interesting that hits the Hubtype’s #news slack channel...
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Start With Why

3 JAN 2017
As the new year starts it’s time to look back and recapitulate: what were the goals of 2016? how far we got? what did we learn on the way? By this time last year we just had a guess that there was a market for a professional customer support tool focused on messaging platforms. We had a basic prototype and a small team ready to devote itself heart and soul to the project...
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