2018 Conversational App Overview:
Top Apps and Companies

17th DEC 2018 | Disponible en Español
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Top 5 Apps and Companies

With the development of chatbots, many companies are looking to implement these assistants in order to enrich their customer’s purchasing experience. While some are just diving in, others are ahead of the game.

To name a few, here are 5 chatbot users that are setting the standard for bot use in 2018:

1) Sephora

As one of the leading companies in beauty retail, Sephora is ahead of the game with their innovative bot services. Since 2016, they have implemented two chatbots that have revolutionized their customer’s shopping experience.

With Sephora Reservation Assistant available on Facebook Messenger, you can book a makeover appointment where available in the US. Their second bot, Color Match, can scan any image of lips and identify a similar lipstick shade available for purchase at Sephora. This bot is also on Messenger, meaning both of these bots are mobile on-the-go friendly.

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2) Starbucks

Starbucks has also joined the chatbot user family by implementing an AI bot that can take your customized order right from their app. You can simply place your order and head to the designated Starbucks of your choosing when the bot tells you your order is ready. According to Starbucks, the chatbot even lets you pay and tip your barista right there through your phone.

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3) Expedia

With chatbots revolutionizing the hospitality industry, it’s no wonder Expedia has jumped to incorporate one to their website to facilitate booking a hotel anywhere in the world.

The Expedia bot runs on Messenger making it desktop and mobile friendly, and very easy to use. All you have to do is type the city or the specific hotel you are looking for, with the dates you plan on staying for, and the bot displays the available options.

4) CNN

With so much going on in the world, people don’t always want to stumble upon news; they want to research specific topics and on reliable sources. This is why the CNN bot is incredibly useful to those who have specific questions about what’s going on in the world.

Once you open the bot, which is also available through Facebook Messenger, you can type in a topic of news you want to learn about. There are options you can choose from, or you can input a text request and it the bot returns with articles relative to the matter. You can type anything from “dogs” to “Spain”, and relevant news will appear instantly.

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5) Maroon 5

This one might be surprising! Celebrities like Maroon 5 are using chatbots to interact with fans and update them on what their up to. From new music releases to concerts near you, Maroon 5’s chatbot is available through Messenger to alert you on the band’s latest activities upon your request.
The bot even jokes around with the user and this helps the conversation feel more playful and fun.

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