5 Benefits of Chatbots

18 JUL 2017
The word bot is scary to some people. Those who enjoy the real life support agents fear a lack of quality service, bot’s abilities are underestimated, and the misconception that they are difficult to develop and deploy is a turn off, when in fact the benefits of chatbots make all those fears inconsequential! The following are 5 ways chatbots can help you and your company.

1. Manageable customer service teams. Traditionally, customer service agents could attend to one person at a time, forcing businesses to grow their customer services teams with the company. With chatbots, thousands of customers can be helped by a bot and bots can handle issues that do not require the aid of a human. This allows human agents to be available to high priority or complex inquiries without growing the team.

2. Decreased Costs. Due to the fact that chatbots minimize the amount of agents needed and the low costs of creating chatbots, integrating bots to help your business will actually lower costs! A bot can do that work that several full time employees could and using Hubtype’s tools, bots are highly customizable.

3. 24 hour customer service. Your customers are interacting with your business on all different schedules and do not want to be told limited times in which help is available. Chatbots provide 24 hour customer care when human agents are not on the clock. Customers will be happy to know of this convenience and that if questions may arise, there is always someone (or something) that can offer help.

4. No need for customers to download new apps. People have established their favorite messaging apps are not eager to download new ones to communicate with separate businesses or the like. Chatbots can be deployed on the messaging apps they already are comfortable with.

5. Customer insights. With Hubtype’s platform, businesses will get customer insights of what the most common questions are and where customers are getting lost. This gives businesses the knowledge to make improvements, so in the future customers have a smoother experience!
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