6 Messaging Trends To Follow!

24th AUG 2017
Messaging is no longer just back and forth text, it is growing into an all encompassing form of interaction. We can look at Facebook messenger today with its calling and bot capabilities, WeChat now with payment options, and communication from wearable apparel to see the advancements and today’s trends.

1.Live Video- Facebook live and Instagram live joined Snapchat in giving followers an intimate and unedited look into an event. Some people appreciate this to-the-minute raw exposure, but others are unwilling to watch all the way through because they don’t know if it pertains to them, whereas a concise message typically highlights important information. Those who do interact with live feeds get a more detailed look, but some quit watching before they reach any relevance.

2.Payments- Payment services in WeChat took off and bots in the future with commerce capabilities would transform the retail industry. Something like this in the US or Europe is not immediately necessary because there is not one app giant like in China, but Messenger does have options.

3.Voice Dictation- Voice activated apps are changing the way we interact. It’s unlike figuring out how to manipulate buttons and text. For example it is just like talking to another person, saying what you want, but instead, a device responds or performs.

4.Wearables- More than just watches are becoming available! Snapchat spectacles show that wearables can be successful even when performing the functions of just one app. Google Glass headset offers a variety of messaging functions, but most importantly wearables need to be easy to wear and perform the highly specialized function to be successful.

5.Monetization- Monetization in messaging varies greatly between platforms. For example, Instagram is having success because ads can be smoothly integrated into a user’s feed, but Facebook Messenger ads appear inorganic. Businesses could only advertise to those who messaged them first which cuts out a substantial audience and the typical banners at the bottom of the screen are not highly enticing.

6.Enterprise Messaging- Generally, different platforms are used for personal and work communication. Slack is highly popular in the workplace but a wide variety of messaging options take over the personal side of things. There are messaging giants that would love to adopt both those channels.
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