AI & Chatbots: Here are 5 Myths

31st JAN 2019 | Disponible en Español
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There is so much false information concerning chatbots and artificial intelligence that many people have started to believe that these myths are actually true.
In the last years, chatbots and artificial intelligence have been developing to become super technologies that will bring many benefits to man, changing the way of living, working and interacting.
It seems that the world will be full of these technologies one day. Just think of virtual assistants or self-driving cars. And there are so many questions to which we would like to answer: is artificial intelligence the solution to all our problems? Will machines be able to think like humans?
Below, we’ll reveal 5 myths. Are you ready?

1. AI will threaten human jobs

Robots will destroy jobs - this is what people usually think. Naturally, people are worried about the safety of their careers. The truth is that AI will allow people to have more time to think and engage in more important tasks. A report by PwC states that artificial intelligence will spare man many repetitive actions, such as office work, booking appointments and completing working hours.

All this means that people will have more time to devote to innovative and more creative tasks.

2. Chatbots will replace mobile apps

The appearance of tablets has made smartphones obsolete? I don’t think so. In the same way, bots and mobile applications will coexist. Brands will use bots and apps to grow their business. Let’s take, as an example, the American company Uber: customers can call a taxi through the app or via a bot on Facebook Messenger.

Even though the app market is now pretty saturated, only those who will be able to offer a better user experience will succeed. Bots will be a way of using apps. Just think that to use some bots, you need to have the app as well. Typical examples are Twitter and Facebook Messenger.

3. All chatbots are AI-powered

The truth is that not all chatbots use Artificial Intelligence. Most of the chatbots in circulation are based on defined rules and follow an autonomous process; these are the so-called decision tree or ruled-based chatbots. And it’s easy to understand that this type of chatbot can’t come out of these rules; otherwise it will no longer be able to reply.

Currently, there are three types of chatbots:

  • Script-driven, based on predefined scripts;
  • Interference-driven, based on Natural Language Understanding, Deep Learning, and Cognitive Learning to respond like humans;
  • Data-driven, that learn from previous conversations.

All these bots can use artificial intelligence in one form or another.

Anyway, developing a real AI chatbot is quite complex and requires a massive set of data based on real human conversations.

4. AI will prevail over the intelligence of humans

Thanks to Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies, it is expected that machines will begin to think independently, answer all our questions and do our work. It is believed that human dependence on AI is such that it makes all of humanity more stupid. But this is not true at all! Did calculators or automation make man less intelligent? Absolutely not! Indeed, all these inventions have made human life more comfortable. And so, it will also be for artificial intelligence technologies.

What distinguishes man from any other entity is the ability to think and feel emotions. Machines are smarter and make our life easier, but they will never be able to dumb down humanity.

5. Chatbots are easy to make

There are several tools and platforms to create bots. Developers need a vast amount of data to design and build the basic rules of bot operation. Plus, each bot needs its own personality. Therefore, it is not that easy to develop one.

Chatbots and artificial intelligence today are used for many purposes, but their primary objective is to simplify human life and work.

5 myths about AI & chatbots infographic

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