Chatbots for Whatsapp

01st AUG 2018 | Updated 16 OCT 2018

WhatsApp announced the launch of their business API which will allow companies-- like yours--to establish a WhatsApp communication channel with their customers.

WhatsApp has chosen Hubtype as one of the select few companies with early access to help you make this communication a reality through the use of hybrid chatbots that will revolutionize the way your customers communicate with you.

This hybrid channel will automate responses to general questions and perform basic tasks so your customer service team can handle more time sensitive issues. The chatbot system will answer at anytime, from anywhere through WhatsApp at the convenience of your customer. If the bot cannot perform the task at hand or if the customer wants to speak to a representative, the bot messaging system will transfer them over to a live agent seamlessly.

In order to take advantage of the benefits of being able to communicate with your customers through the most popular messaging app in the world, you must submit an application to register and verify your brand. The process is simple, once you have been approved, Hubtype will provide you with the tools to open WhatsApp as a customer facing channel for you. Click here to begin your chatbot experience.

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