Chatbot + Humans: the Perfect Match

22nd JAN 2019 | Disponible en Español
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Nowadays chatbots are everywhere and it is not easy to notice if you are talking with a bot or not! But what does this mean for live agents and users?
According to a research conducted by Aspect Software, users’ favourite customer service solution is the combination of human operators and chatbots. This way, bots will deal with the management of the simplest questions, leaving the most complex ones to human operators.

Chatbots for Self-Service Solutions

Most users love self-service solutions to solve simple and quick problems. In fact, it turns out that 65% of consumers prefer to handle problems independently, without having to talk to a live agent. Interestingly enough, 61% of consumers believe that chatbots are very useful for a rapid resolution of their problems.

Live Agents for Complex Problems

At the same time, 42% of consumers prefer to interact with human agents to solve the most difficult issues.

That's why chatbots and human operators work best together! Chatbots are able to handle simple questions, and then human operators can deal with the more complex requests.

During the survey, live agents were asked their opinion about the use of chatbot in the customer service sector they worked in. 50% of the agents said they would be more satisfied with handling more complex questions. 44%, on the other hand, claim they would prefer answering fewer common questions and more on difficult ones. 36% of operators think they would feel more satisfied and committed to their work.

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Opportunities for Human Operators

The research showed that customer service operators believe that chatbots, indirectly, can improve their value within companies. 79% of agents believe that chatbots can refine their skills. 72% say they represent a better impact for the company they work for. Finally, 64% of human agents believe that the introduction of a chatbot can enable them to provide more personalized customer support experiences.

The majority of consumers, 86%, would like to have the possibility of being transferred to a live agent.

The Perfect Combination

The analysis revealed that customer service chatbots not only provide a self-service solution for consumers, but also offer the opportunity to speak to a live agent. The combination of human operators and chatbots present an opportunity for employees to grow, a source of greater satisfaction for consumers, and greater efficiency for companies.  Overall translating into a better customer experience!

This combination of human operators and chatbots is what really distinguishes us from other customer service solutions. With our chatbots your customers will never be abandoned; when the bot is not able to solve a problem, the conversation will be automatically transferred to a human operator to help solve the customer's question.

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