Hubtype BOTS and DESK

30th SEP 2017
What if we tell you that bots and humans can collaborate to provide you the best customer relationships?

Chatbots can do great things but we know that they are not perfect. Inevitably, there will be situations in which they are not well adapted and where they fail to provide an accurate answer to customers. This can result in high frustration and dissatisfaction and more than ever, customers want to be treated with respect! It is expected that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Because it is important for us to improve customer relationships and empower communication between brands and customers we have given our users the opportunity to integrate our two products: Hubtype BOTS and Hubtype DESK. This hybrid model (chatbot + human agent) will assure you a better management of your customer experience and expectations because at all times it is your client that control the conversation, that choose between the different available possibilities and above all stay in the same channel! In one side, Hubtype BOTS will provide you Artificial intelligence integrations to serve your customers. You will have the choice to pick one of our templates to get your bot running in minutes or launch a full-featured Chatbot using our tools. Thanks to this you will create a fluid, ultra personalized experience, and generate business by automating tasks and creating interactive services.

In the other side, Hubtype DESK, a professional customer service tool for messaging channels will give you the possibility to interact directly with your customers and make sure every issue gets resolved with powerful ticketing tool. Thanks to this product you can easily build trust with your clients by offering responsive and personalized support on the channels they prefer.

The integration of these products in addition to combine the advantages of both solutions will allow training the AI engine and better design the bot so that in the future it will be able to automate some requests that today it is not capable to do!
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