Combining Chatbots and Human Agents: The Hybrid Approach

16 JUN, 2017
Customers and companies alike have experienced customer service woes, but Hubtype provides the tools to overcome that. While you can easily develop a chatbot to fit the needs of your company, it is just that–a bot! There will be times where an inquiry is unable to be resolved by a bot and a human agent must intervene.

Our hybrid approach using both the Hubtype BOTS and the Hubtype DESK opens up a realm of possibilities between client and company. When utilizing a chatbot, customers will get an interactive experience personalized to their needs. This way, customers are attended to based on the demands of their request, and customer satisfaction remains strong due to the personalization of the bot on the channels customers already use on daily basis. Moreover, if customers get caught at a dead end when a problem exceeds the bot’s abilities, human agents can step right in!

The best thing about this approach is that your customers will be able to use and remain on the same messaging channel they are comfortable with, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. The seamless transition between BOTS and DESK makes customer service as easy as ever.
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