Create an Intercom Chatbot

9th AUG 2017
Intercom is a popular webchat tool where businesses can engage their customers while they are browsing their website. It provides simple and convenient customer service availability. In-app messaging and fluidity on Intercom make the conversations seamless and unobtrusive. Its modern system helps create business-customer connections in a comfortable space. Intercom is flexible and may be used on desktop web, mobile web, or native apps.

Intercom is a great way for businesses to talk to their customer about a product or service, and can now be taken to the next level with the integration of chatbots. With the use of chatbots, no longer will every interaction require the attention of a human agent. This is cost effective and allows help to be available whenever a customer needs it, not just when a customer service agent is ready. We are now in private beta and you can contact us to learn how to use Hubtype to develop Intercom chatbots. Enhance the simplicity and flexibility that Intercom already offers!
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