Ecommerce Chatbots: Beyond Customer Service

8th FEB 2019 | Disponible en Español
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The world of chatbots continues to evolve and more and more companies are investing in the technology because it simplifies business processes, saves them money and improves communication with their customers.
One of the main uses for chatbots is customer care: artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are used to develop virtual assistants capable of providing rapid and efficient support to consumers.
However, in recent years, thanks to the flexible nature of conversational technology, uses for chatbots have diversified and unsurprisingly chatbots for sales or ecommerce are increasingly more common, from Kayak to Domino's Pizza to luxury labels like Burberry, making purchases with a bot is becoming mainstream.

Chatbots: new applications and real use cases

One of the main use cases that we got a chance to investigate concerns the ecommerce chatbot: virtual assistants able to make online shopping experiences easy and intuitive.
By creating strategic flowcharts and programming the right pushes, chatbots can become a useful and entertaining tool to guide and support online purchases. Not just an after-sales service, but a real virtual assistant able to advise and assist your customers in their shopping experience.
Ecommerce chatbots can manage support requests even after purchase: by integrating with your CRM and shipping system, they can provide real-time updates and information on the delivery status.
Definitely an excellent way to offer a quick and useful service.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot or Whatsapp Chatbot?

Whatsapp and Messenger

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the platform to choose.

Needless to say, when it comes to the most popular mobile messenger apps, the record is held by WhatsApp.

Even though Whatsapp still only offers limited API access to create chatbots on its platform (to globally recognized brands, mostly), Hubtype is one of a few global partners who provides chatbot integration with Whatsapp verified businesses.

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Now let's see a few examples of companies that have revolutionized the concept of online sales and increased revenues as a result.

Top 5 sales chatbots

There is nothing better than going into a store and receiving phenomenal service--just consider that nearly 10% of reviews of Gap’s flagship San Francisco store mention a “jean whisperer” named Charlotte--and subsequent purchases in excess of those planned.

Providing quality service and knowledge about your products in the right moment can absolutely impact your average basket or ticket size and total revenue. Now, imagine if we could have Charlottes online, ready to guide customers to their perfect shopping experience: that’s what a well-made chatbot will do.

The technology applied to the sale of goods and services tends to increasingly reproduce the typical dynamics of traditional commerce. Replicating on the web this process means offering the same level of service to a potentially infinite number of customers.

A chatbot guarantees a service 24 hours a day, 360 days a year and, above all, a type of assistance always ready for a multitude of customers, each of which will find in the conversation what they are looking for, according to their needs.

We have selected 5 chatbots that have established themselves as best practices and undoubt models in all manner of sectors: from the travel industry, to food & beverage, fashion, and so on.


Among the sites that allow a do-it-yourself travel planning, it is certainly one of the most famous. Let's talk about Kayak, a portal born in 2004 from an idea of ​​the co-founders of Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity and acquired in 2012 by for 1.8 billion dollars.

Kayak started its digitalisation on March 2016, and it is available now on Slack, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo and iMessage.

YES, I WANT IT!kayak chatbot

The strength of Kayak bot consists of a customer care that does not end with the booking of the trip, but continues, offering a calendar service with updates on timetables, on the gate of reference and weather forecasts.

In this way the chatbot goes beyond the purchasing guide function, becoming a problem solver and personal secretary at the same time. The result is a strong brand loyalty, true objective of a modern marketing strategy.


One of the most difficult markets to tame is undoubtedly real estate. In response to an increasingly demanding audience, Trulia offers a chatbot based on the location and budget of the user.

It is a virtual assistant that deals exclusively with houses for rent and responds perfectly to the needs that a user has in the first phase of his research.


It is called DOM and is the bot of the chain of American pizzerias Domino's. The customer, by accessing his account, can order the type of pizza he prefers, with detailed information on the ingredients used.

The robot has memory of previous orders, allowing thus fast operations, and is able to start new ones, which enrich the personal profile of the customer.

Johnnie Walker

Are you a whiskey lover? So maybe you have already experienced the bot of the famous brand Johnnie Walker, active on Messenger and Alexa Skill if you use Amazon Echo.

The scrolling interface provides information of all kinds, from the history of the distillate, to its possible modes of tasting and, of course, the purchase.


On Messenger Burberry turns into a personal shopper with “See now, buy now”, a bot based on a conversational interface; a sales system that is also customer care with product recommendations.

The British luxury brand is not new to investments on the web. Burberry was, in fact, the first fashion house to use Snapchat and launch a Pinterest page for the personalization of garments.

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Do you think a chatbot integration could improve also your brand image?

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