How Bots Can Maximize Your Black Friday Sales

21st Nov 2018 | Disponible en Español

Black Friday is just around the corner: is your eCommerce ready?

According to research conducted by, this year’s Black Friday is expected to bring in an estimated $90.14 billion through US sales alone. An amount which will be up $30.57 billion from last year’s $59.57 billion if their calculations are correct. Not only is this American tradition thriving in the States, but also all over Europe as the hype of holiday splurging days spreads across the globe.

In 2017, noted that the sales hit a new record high in Spain with 7 million orders between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Not only that, but a reported one billion euros were spent in Germany, and 42.8 million credit card transactions were conducted in France.

What does this mean for you?

Potentially massive profit during these holiday celebrations, plain and simple.

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How to handle the flood of customer needs that come long with the celebration of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and holidays in general