How Businesses can Benefit from Chatbots

25th NOV 2017

While the presence of chatbots is multiplying in social media networks, the impact of this new technology over businesses is questioned. Many big companies such as MasterCard, Starbucks and The Wall Street Journal have already implemented chatbot solutions in many of their channels.

Now, with the hindsight that we have, can we really argue that chatbots are advantageous for companies ?

Investing resources and capacities to implement chatbots can be a challenge for some firms. This can have a direct effect on the way they deal with customer support, manage their workforce or market their brand and the investment would be worth only if it has a positive repercussion over the company's revenue.

Taking a deeper look at the impact of chatbots here is how a bot can be good for your business!

Superior Customer Experience

Fuelled by AI, chatbots can deliver customer experiences in which users cannot tell if they are communicating with a human or a bot. Furthermore, the wide spread of social networks in our daily life makes it very convenient for people to contact companies through chatbots. The unrestricted possibilities of contact hours coupled with the very fast response times improve customer experience. The implementation of chatbots will also enable companies to collect a strong dataset in order to develop further their support and provide personalised experiences.

Chatbot Customer Experience

Higher Savings

Customers service can represent a great source of costs for many mid-size to large corporations. From the workforce needed to the time and ressources needed to address customers' complaints and inquiries, companies dedicate a big part of their income to customer service. The use of chatbots can therefore help businesses save on these costs by speeding up response times, cutting jobs, freeing up agents for more challenging work, and answering up to 80% of routine questions.

Chatbots Savings by Sector

Innovative Way to Market your Brand

Many people consider chatbots as the future of marketing. By implementing chatbots into their marketing strategy, business can learn more about their audience, engage with them and tailor the marketing efforts to their specific needs. In addition, bots allow companies to engage in a proactive marketing approach by sending welcome message, offers, discounts, etc. to targeted clients. All of this will provide a positive and innovative image to the brand while making customer see the business in a completely new way.

Chatbots innovative marketing

Overall Improved Productivity

According to Accenture, by 2035 AI will boost labor productivity by up to 40 percent. Chatbots can help companies increase their efficiency in dealing with various tasks by enabling fast replies, reducing workload and improving internal coordination between employees. Furthermore, chatbots can contribute to train employees according to product or service specificities by providing adapted guidance to each one of them. In some industries, the ability of bots to support high volumes of multiple tasks simultaneously while reducing human errors have been proved already. This made them be considered as a competitive advantage pushing different major players to implement them and take advantage of their capabilities.

Chatbots increase overall productivity

Ready to benefit from chatbot advantages and willing to integrate them to your business?

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