How Chatbot Technology can help Your Business during Christmas Time

20th DEC 2018 | Disponible en Español
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Chatbot & Holiday Shopping

Chatbots have the potential to drastically change the Christmas shopping game for your consumers and improve sales during holidays.

Here are the 6 best ways your company can use chatbots during the holidays.

1) Advice on gifts

Over 37% of Americans would be willing to make a purchase through a chatbot, spending an average of $55.80 per purchase.

The marketing strategy for the holidays - and the resulting social strategy - focuses on the gift.

Your chatbot can easily use automatic responses to guide users through interactive routes depending on the answers they choose for questions like "Who is this gift for?" or "How much do you want to spend?". It further enhances the customer experience by adding related products to conversations and a call-to-action to drive users through the sales funnel.

2) Wish list

You can also encourage your existing customers to create wish lists that they can send to family and friends with one click. These wish lists can help you find the perfect gift for many people. Parents in particular can appreciate their children's wishlists and facilitate their gift buying task.

Of course, you can not forget to include multiple images and CTAs to make the purchase easier.

3) Push notifications

Chatbots can have CTRs ranging from 15%-60%, and even the lower end of that spectrum well surpasses the average email marketing campaign CTR (which is only about 4%).

So, this allows you to reach consumers directly with strategic notifications and improve your local marketing and research activities. You can encourage conversions with limited-time offers or shipments included in the price.

You might also consider trying some of your limited-time offers in previous consumer interactions with a chatbot. For example, if a consumer has asked about gift ideas but has never made a purchase, a 20% discount offer could be the ultimate boost to finally convert them!

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4) Practical information on shipping

Shipping is a great concern during the holiday season and the service of your brand in this area can create or destroy your business.

You can use a chatbot to simplify the search for all shipping information that customers need to know before purchasing, including estimated delivery times, allowed options and the last day of purchase if they want to receive their delivery by Christmas. Your chatbot can also provide customers who have made purchases, updated tracking and return policy information.

5) Information on reservation

If your company is in the hospitality or catering industry, chatbots can also help your customers.

Research by SurveyMonkey Audience concluded that 33% of American survey respondents, aged 18 to 64, make reservations using chatbots.

If you have a restaurant that does not accept reservations, you can use your chatbots to answer consumer questions about the waiting time for a table or special menus of the day.
Think about the things your customers need most.

6) Post-Christmas sales

Don’t forget to use your chatbot after the holidays! You can use push notifications with users and previous customers to notify them about sales and available discounts.

This is also a great opportunity to remind users that they have left something in their cart.

Final considerations

Chatbots are an excellent way to communicate with your customers. They can also help small and medium-sized businesses with sales and improve their customer experience before, during and after the purchase. In an increasingly competitive market, good customer experiences are what can differentiate one brand from another.

So, don’t let your company fall behind; book a call with our experts to discover how the implementation of a chatbot can benefit your business.

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