Hubtype at 500 Startups

25th APR 2018

During its tour at Silicon Valley, Hubtype has been invited as a special guest in the Marketing Hell Week organised by 500 Startups.

500 Startups is an early stage global venture capital seed fund that provides capital, mentorship, and connections to help startups grow. It is considered as the most active seed fund in the world with different activities organised to support growth of startups.

The Marketing Hell Week it organises consists of a variety of back-to-back sessions from marketing pros and 500 partners covering everything from high-level growth frameworks, to various marketing channels, to growth-hacking tactics…

By attending this event, the Hubtype team has been able to gain key insights regarding growth and marketing strategies. This helped us get into a growth mindset of reviewing metrics, generating ideas and running experiments on a proactive way.

Marc and Eric (Hubtype co-founders) at 500 Startups
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