Hubtype Partnering with Deloitte

28 MAY 2017
Hubtype is pleased to be partnering with Deloitte to aid in developing chatbots. Hubtype’s ability to quickly and cost effectively develop chatbots aimed at a client’s specific needs is beneficial to Deloitte’s diverse clientele. Deloitte is bringing us clients we typically do not network with and we are able to provide them with scalability in the growing effort to improve communication. Our tools provide the adaptability big companies and their wide range of clients desire in order to cater to different service inadequacies being experienced.

An identically developed chatbot does not efficiently serve such a variety of clients and users which is why the potential Hubtype provides is of benefit to Deloitte. Chatbots that are developed with our tools can be customized to fit the needs of the client they serve. Our insights provide the statistics needed to make chatbots more useful by identifying what users demand most assistance with and allow adjustments to be made as client’s needs adjust to the ever changing consumer landscape.
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