Introducing Desk and Bots

19 APR 2017
Our mission at Hubtype is to improve the way brands and customers communicate, increasing customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs.

We started building a ticketing tool so that our clients could attend their users through messaging apps. Chat channels top customer satisfaction ratios with 73% in contrast to 44% on voice channels. Also, the asynchronous nature of messaging allows agents to attend 5 to 7 users simultaneusly, dramatically incresing the efficiency of customer support teams.

While these are amazing achievements, we didn’t stop there. We learned the challenges faced by our clients when opening new channels to their audiences. Instant messaging increases end-users expectations and managing 1 to 1 real-time conversations at scale is not trivial. Introducing Hubtype BOTS, a tool that lets you build and deploy a chatbot in minutes. Chatbots offer immediate responses 24x7 with minimal costs, a huge win for both users and comapnies. Powered by BotSON, an easy to learn, high level language that abstracts developers from the hassle of dealing with different messaging and artificial intelligence APIs. Do you know some JSON? Congrats! You are now a chatbot developer 😉. We’ll dive deeper in future blog posts, so stay tuned…

However, chatbots are not perfect. Inevitably, there will be situations where they fail to provide an accurate answer to customers which can result in frustration. That’s why we believe in Hybrid Conversational Interfaces. For this reason we renamed our ticketing tool, what used to be just “Hubtype”, as Hubtype DESK and developed a seamless integration between our two products.

We’re already witnessing how the combination of chatbots and human agents is having a striking impact in many companies, so what are you waiting for?
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