Live Customer Service: a Must or a Thing of the Past?

23rd NOV 2018 | Disponible en Español

Live Agents VS Chatbots

With the new advances in customer service, live agents demand is decreasing more and more due to the implementation of chatbots.

Whether this is a positive or a negative change depends on who you ask.

Both offer a number of benefits and limitations.

Chatbots offer quick answers and assistance, but their responses are generic and depending on their design and tech, they can get confused more often than live agents.

Agents offer personalized customer assistance, but sometimes professionalism is inconsistent and response rates are much slower.

Whether you are for or against the use of chatbots, here are some benefits from integrating one into your company.

The Company Benefits of Implementing Chatbots for Customer Service

Chatbots have come along as an innovative technology to improve the service of customers. Well designed and executed chatbots cut costs and offer businesses many operating benefits.

For starters, chatbots offer a consistent user experience. Chatbots, unlike live agents, do not change their mood or tone throughout the day or when interacting with different customers. Their service stays the same and their inability to engage in confrontation helps companies stay in the clear when it comes to customer-agent argumentation.

If designed correctly, customers will experience the same great quality customer service across the board even when each customer’s needs are completely different.

Aside from keeping your customers happy and returning, chatbots also save your company money due to their lower cost per conversation nature. This lower cost is a result of a chatbot’s ability to hold multiple conversations at once, thus resolving customer’s issues at a higher rate than one-to-one live agent assistance.

The User Benefits of Implementing Chatbots for Customer Service

As a customer, you know that sometimes assistance is needed at the most inopportune times of the night or during holidays.

Chatbots eliminate the concept of “inopportune hours” by offering your customers instant 24/7 assistance whenever they may need it.

Chatbot services are also praised among customers due to their easy access through popular messaging apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and so on.

The truth about customer service is that as technology progresses, so do the expectations of your customers and the service they receive. Live agents may never become an unknown concept, but they are slowly being freed up to manage only the most pressing or delicate matters, leaving chatbots to handle the repetitive and heavy workload.

To find out how a chatbot can improve your interface, chat with a Hubtype expert today or request a guided demo.

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