4 Industries Improved by Chatbots

7th DEC 2018 | Disponible en Español

Imagine opening up your Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and ordering your favorite pizza in just two clicks.

Pretty convenient, right?

Now imagine replicating that process but with larger tasks like ordering a plane ticket or transferring money to a relative in a different country.

That oh-so satisfying instant access with no hassle is the reason chatbots are preferred over other forms of customer service by 69% of customers according to research conducted and presented by Salesforce and participating partners.

To give you an idea of the types of industries that are currently thriving with the use of chatbots we’ll explore a few:

1) Hospitality

Going on vacation is amazing, but planning the traveling process is anything but relaxing.

Or at least it didn’t use to be.

Chatbots have tackled eliminating the strenuous process of having to sit down and search through websites for destinations, tours, hotels, and flights by offering a simple layout that displays the information you want by simply asking for it. The chatbot serves as a travel agent but at the palm of your hand with 24-hour accessibility 365 days a year.

 Whether you’re the customer or the business, chatbots increase the efficiency of the booking process which allows for an overall stress-less planning experience.

2) The Food and Beverage Industry

As previously mentioned, being able to text in your order is a big step towards efficiency when it comes to ordering take out.

When ordering-in food, people usually do so to avoid the process of cooking or leaving their home.

Simplifying the process of ordering in is the cherry on top for this experience.

Not only do chatbots allow the customer to text in their order from their phone or laptop with no loading time, but they also have the ability to retain the information on previous orders, so customers can reorder their favorite meals with just one simple click.

chatbots in food and beverage industry

3) Retail

Imagine a chatbot that learns your favorite brand and shade of hair dye and knows to display it at the top of the results when you tell it you need to buy more hair dye.

No more information has to be said. You can easily add it to your cart and checkout.

Not bad at all, huh?

The use of chatbots in retail allow for a completely personalized shopping experience by studying consumption habits and previous purchases made by the user.

This allows for the most satisfying shopping experience which in return increases the frequency at which people return to the supplying company.

chatbots in retail industry

4) Banking

Sometimes, you just have to quickly make a payment, find an ATM or transfer money. However, it never is as easy as it should be. There’s an entire search process and before you know it, you have multiple windows open or you can’t figure out just how to do the thing you need or find the information you want.

With a chatbot, users can get straight to business and find what they’re looking for almost as if they were in front of a bank teller.

The list of industries that benefit from the use of chatbots can go on and on; these are just a few examples of those that are specifically booming through the implementation of these service aids.

For more information on how a chatbot could improve your specific business, book a call or request a guided demo.