Top Technology Trends in 2019: Here’s the Predictions by Deloitte

10th JAN 2019 | Disponible en Español

Artificial intelligence will move out from the experts' niche to get anywhere, smart speakers will multiply, 5G will finally make its debut, and so much more. Let’s see some of Deloitte's technological predictions for 2019.

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Artificial intelligence becomes more “democratic”

Artificial intelligence will move out from the experts' niche to arrive "everywhere" - Deloitte predicts. Companies will further accelerate the adoption of solutions, such as AI and cloud. 70% of companies will use such applications. A percentage that will reach 87% in 2020. "So far - the report states - the advantages of artificial intelligence have been concentrated in the hands of technology giants, with large financial resources, solid IT infrastructure and highly specialized human capital". Thanks to the cloud, "efficiency will increase and there will be better returns on investments". In other words, the AI ​​will be more sustainable from an economic point of view, thus favoring an expansion that goes beyond the perimeter of the pioneers.

Smart speakers, now polyglots

Smart speakers have grown enormously in 2018 (+ 187%). Before now, sales were obtained almost exclusively in English-speaking countries. In 2019, however, smart speaker market will be worth 7 billion dollars, with 164 million units sold at an average price of 43 dollars. That's a gap of 63% compared to this year, when the units should be 98 million and the income of 4.3 billion. If the forecasts are confirmed, these digital assistants will be the connected devices with the fastest growth rate in the world. In 12 months there will be 250 million in circulation. In the long run, they will be the main contact point between man and digital.

The debut of 5G

New generation networks are coming. If in 2018 there were the first tests, 2019 will be the year of the first contacts with the public. The potential for growth is enormous, as demonstrated by the millions invested by operators all over the world. According to Deloitte, 25 (about a third of those testing the technology) will be able to launch 5G services, a number that should double in 2020. In 2019 one million 5G smartphones will be sold, and it is just the beginning: in 2020, this figure will achieve 15-20 million. "It will not happen overnight," says the report, "but the 5G will profoundly change our interactions and experiences. Good news for users, which require better performance and greater access to content." 5G will offer "higher speeds and low latency", allowing new uses in different sectors, "from augmented reality to entertainment, from medicine to smart cities".

China and its world-leading role in connectivity

The connectivity of the future is not only a business but also a geo-political affair. According to Deloitte, China will have no rivals. It will be the world leader in telecommunications networks as early as 2019. And it is likely that the gap with other countries will increase over the medium term, merit of the combination of technological leadership and presence of the largest user base in the world. Two factors that will revolutionize traditional business models, from retail to banking.

Sports on TV, a happy island

Streaming and social media are reducing the time spent watching TV, especially among younger people. However, there is a content that flourishes more than others: sports. Deloitte calls it "a relatively happy island" in a context that suffers from competition from other channels. Why? The passion of fans, of course. Nevertheless, according to the report, sports on TV and gambling stand behind one another. About 40% of Americans aged between 25 and 34 bet on sports. Among those watching matches, the share rises to 75%.

The resilience of the radio

Neither the TV nor the web have managed to suppress it. On the contrary, Deloitte emphasizes its “good health”. In 2019 it will produce a turnover of 40 billion dollars, an increase of 1% compared to 2018. 85% of the population in developed countries listen to the radio at least once a week, and there are 3 billion people all over the world who listen for an average of 90 minutes a day. The most interesting thing however regards the ability to reach a young audience: it appears that 90% of the population aged between 18 and 34 listens to the radio.

3D printing growth accelerates again

A few years ago this technology seemed to grow instantly; it didn’t. However, now 3D printing is ready for a new acceleration. Sales of printers, materials and services are expected to reach $ 2.7 billion in 2019 and $ 3 billion in 2020. The availability of new "printable" materials, especially metals, and technological improvements are supporting the industry.

Quantum computers

2019 will be a year of "evaluation". Deloitte dampens the enthusiasm on the application of quantum mechanics to computers. It's likely that we will create “supercomputers”, but it is not meant for our laptops. And, even if the current theoretical problems were dissolved, there wouldn't immediate pragmatic applications. Quantum computers will not replace those dedicated to users. It is possible that their turnover will be comparable to that of the current supercomputers: about 50 billion dollars.

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