Why You Need to Connect with Your Users through WhatsApp

18th DEC 2018 | Disponible en Español
As one of the top messaging apps in the world, WhatsApp has been a leader of innovation when it comes to communication in all aspects of life. Not only are people using the app to connect with friends and family, but recently, WhatsApp has expanded its capabilities to allow customers to connect with their favorite brands in a real-time manner.

With Whatsapp as the leading messaging app in 109 countries and counting (Similarweb.com), the benefits it can have on customer service are infinitely possible.

To better understand the impact WhatsApp could have on customer-company relations, let’s look at how opening a WhatsApp channel would benefit each side of the commerce interaction.

Why your Customers will love it

A study conducted for Financial Times, and referenced by The Verge, concluded that messaging apps have taken over SMS when it comes to the amount of messages sent by users world-wide.

This is critically important when taking into consideration that before this switch to messaging apps, texting had already surpassed calling and emailing as methods of communication.

This means that now, more than ever, calling and emailing are channels even less frequented by clients when it comes to reaching their favorite brands and vice versa.

Instant messaging is the future of interactions and allowing your customers to reach you in this way, thanks to WhatsApp, can result in high customer satisfaction and better client interactions.

In addition to instant responses, your clients will love to be able to interact with you in a less formal, more personal way.

Time convenience aside, a major reason your customers will absolutely love you for offering Whatsapp as a way to interact with them is that they won’t be charged to call or text you through the application.

Users don’t even need a service plan to benefit from contacting you; they just need an internet connection.

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Why it will benefit your Company

Instant responses aren’t just convenient for your customers, they are important for you to receive as a company as well. According to Profit Books, WhatsApp increases follow-up response rates by 40 percent. This feedback is essential for you to receive in order to know what you’re doing right, and what you have to improve.

Referencing the previously stated statistic, a large amount of people are already using WhatsApp for everyday communication. As a result, implementing it as a channel for interaction will take little to no effort from your clients since they are already largely familiar with the messaging app.

In terms of chatbot implementation, WhatsApp supports qualified brands to integrate a bot into their instant messaging operations.

This benefits your company because the bot can handle basic and generic questions, transfering the user to a live agent only when absolutely necessary.

This lessens the one-on-one communication between agents and clients, allowing agents to help more than one customer at once, and at a quicker, more efficient rate.

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