Why Your CRM Should Use Chatbots

17th JAN 2019 | Disponible en Español

It doesn't matter if we are ordering a pizza or booking a holiday; chatbots are changing the way we do business.
But how does all this affect customer relationship management (CRM) and how could it improve customer experience?
Before discussing how a CRM can benefit from chatbots, let's first define its limitations.

What are the problems with CRM systems and how to solve them

Good business is based on relationships, and the more you communicate with your customers to solve their problems, the more loyal they will be. Consequently, having loyal customers increases revenue. However, not all CRM systems are ideal for serving customers and meeting their business needs.

Customer care teams face two key problems:

1 - Customer service requires many resources

The Customer service department is where the highest number of resources from company is required; a department where employees spend the day attending telephone calls, chats, emails, communicating with other departments, and much more.

The more your customer base grows, the greater number of people are needed for this department to provide 24/7 customer service. In turn, more money will have to be spent on salaries, medical insurance and general expenses.

2 - Badly designed CRMs cause slow response times

There are a lot of CRM systems that are not user-friendly. A bad UX design leads to low performance at work. Instead of providing customer support, employees who are stuck with poorly designed CRMs waste their time discovering how certain parts of the system work. Since a customer service agent can receive 100+ queries per hour, the response time for each request is crucial. In summary, bad CRMs can lead to poor customer service.

To solve these problems, it is possible to automate the majority of the customer service by having chatbots that answer questions instead of the agents.

Why you should adopt chatbots technology for your CRM

Customer support is changing rapidly. In the last ten years, customer service centers have evolved considerably to meet the growing popularity of several digital communication channels. In the meantime, the percentage of requests from non-telephone sources is skyrocketing.

That's not surprising since people spend most of their time online using instant messaging platforms. In fact, people often prefer to communicate with their family and friends through these apps. When it comes to supporting services, consumers would rather interact with chatbots available on the most popular apps than talk on the phone with agents.

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Chatbots are a great solution for a generation that prefers text messages to traditional media. They are already in use in different industries, such as tourism, e-commerce, healthcare and banks.

A chatbot is a simple automated service that can respond instantly to customer questions and help them solve their problems. Chatbots generally help solve simple tasks that only require a quick response, which allows live agents to have more time to focus on the complex needs of clients.

To conclude, we will highlight the key advantages of using chatbots for customer support:

  • they greatly improve interactions with customers;
  • they are integrated into instant messaging apps, where nowadays people spend most of their time;
  • they save considerable time for your customer service team, solving simple tasks that only require a quick response, and giving live agents the opportunity to handle the most complex queries;
  • this technology can help your business scale more easily: as your customer base increases, chatbots can help your support team deal with more and more requests without increasing staff size;
  • they offer customers immediate answers;
  • they are available 24/7;
  • finally, thanks to these new assistants, it is possible to reduce expenses by hiring fewer staff for call centers.

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