State of Chatbots - 2018 report

Key statistics and insights regarding the state of chatbots in 2018 that highlights trends and evolutions of the online experience and customer relations.

" The rise of real-time messaging has led to a fundamental shift in how people prefer to connect with businesses. [...] What all of these communication channels have had in common, including online chat, is that they’ve traditionally relied on humans to do the communicating. But now that chatbots have arrived on the scene, this dynamic is starting to change."

• 15% of consumers have used chatbots to communicate with businesses in the past 12 months.

The most common frustration reported by consumers included websites being hard to navigate.

The most common predicted uses for chatbots that consumers reported included getting quick answers to questions in an emergency (37%), resolving a complaint or problem (35%), and getting detailed answers or explanations ( 35%).        

 By far, the most common potential benefit of chatbots that consumers pointed to was the ability to get 24-hour service ( 64%).            

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