Hubtype Bots

A platform to develop interactive chatbots on any messaging app


Rich Conversational Interfaces

Enhance your chatbots using all the available elements in the different messaging apps: quick replies, carrousels, templates, multimedia... Deliver the best experience to your users.

Dynamic Content

Feed your bot with your good ol' REST API and don't reinvent the wheel. Hubtype Bots are just another interface to your data and services! Check out our docs.


Pick one of our battle tested templates to get your bot up and running in minutes. Whatever your use case is, we have you covered: e-commerce, surveys, FAQs and many more.

AI Integrations

Level up your bot with the best Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing APIs out there:, Watson and jabberBrain


Launch a full-featured chatbot minutes and improve it one iteration at a time. With our tools you will design, test, version control and hot deploy your bot in a seamless way.


If it can't be measured, it can't be improved. Learn what the most frequent questions are, where your users get lost and many more stats so you can make your bot more useful everyday.

You can try all these features for free!